About Us

Apostle Psalmist Raine

The ReFresh Summit, launched July 2019, emerging from the call to inspire, empower, and train worshippers and creative gifts. Under the leadership of Apostle Psalmist Raine, The ReFresh Institute (circa 2016) and its’ annual summit has grown as a strong conduit of ReFreshing for worshippers globally. With our organization’s primary focus being the kingdom of God establish within the earth and within his people, the refresh movement is evolving to continue to restore the true essence of worship in the earth, God’s way.

Apostle Tonthalell

In 2009, Kneeology® was birth in response to a desire to see the effectiveness of prayer and intercession in the life of the Believer. Apostle Walters, the founder of Truth And Power Ministries, Inc. (TAP) has trained countless intercessory teams, church leaders, and individuals in the art of effective prayer and intercession. Over the last 10 year Kneeology® has expanded to an annual experience that has created a hunger for the Believer to dive deeper in their life of prayer and intercession. It is her desire to educate, cultivate, and empower Believers in the areas of prayer, righteous daily living, communion with the Father, and a lifestyle of consecration, believing that the Holy Spirit filled Supernatural encounters at Kneeology® will enable the Believer to live a life of dominion here on the earth!